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Vision, Mission & Core Values


Human rights defenders are recognised and supported as essential actors in defending and advancing human rights, and bringing about positive change in society.


The mission of Front Line Defenders is to support and enable the protection of human rights defenders who are at risk as a result of their human rights work.


  • We are focused: In a complex global context, remaining focused as an organisation on our core mandate - protection of HRDs at risk - is our strength. The organisation is built on a foundation of the primacy and centrality of defenders and being fast, flexible and agile in its support. We will remain focused on responding to the needs expressed by HRDs.
  • We demonstrate respect: Our work is built on profound respect for HRDs, for the work that they do, their courage and their knowledge. We respect the leading role of local civil society in their own contexts. We recognise that listening with empathy to HRDs and understanding the situations they are in is key to providing effective protection support. We demonstrate humility in the role that we have in supporting them.
  • We demonstrate perseverance: We will continue to find ways to provide meaningful support and be present to HRDs facing the most difficult circumstances and at most risk. In many cases this means finding creative solutions, innovating and being brave in our decision making. We also appreciate the importance of continued solidarity as a key element of protection support. We will continue to show determination to hold those in power to account.