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Human rights defenders in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and Israel

15 December 2023

Photo: Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip in Bureij refugee camp, Gaza Strip, 14 Nov. 2023. AP Photo/Adel Hana

Front Line Defenders has been receiving reports from human rights defenders in Gaza, the West Bank and Israel on an ongoing basis in recent months, updating on the dire circumstances they have been facing since 7 October 2023.

This has included serious risks to life and safety amid Israel's relentless bombardment and siege of Gaza, as well as increased violence and harassment targeting Palestinian HRDs in the West Bank and Israel. Meanwhile, some governments have decided to suspend or review funding to Palestinian and Israeli civil society organisations, further contributing to the hardships faced by HRDs at this critical time.

Here you can find Front Line Defenders' public responses to the challenges faced by HRDs: